We will help you elevate your knowledge, skills and confidence to help you manage your sick or injured patients.

We will help you elevate your knowledge, skills and confidence to help you read & interpret ECG Rhythm Strips without stressing out or second-guessing yourself.


Saturday, March 4, 2023 - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm MDT 

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About the ECG Secrets - Arrhythmia Edition Bootcamp...

The Canadian Heart Association’s ECG Secrets – Arrhythmia Edition virtual Bootcamp will inspire you to believe that there is a world where you will master the art & science of ECG Arrhythmia Interpretation. The Canadian Heart Association is Canada’s leader in delivering ECG Education Programs. To ensure you will be successful, we are using cutting-edge technology that is highly interactive and incredibly easy to use. Our goal is to help you acquire the knowledge and master the skills needed to save more lives every day.

Virtual Program...

You can enjoy our ECG Secrets - Arrhythmia Edition Bootcamp from the comfort of your own home. No Travel is Required. 

The main Bootcamp is delivered Live & Interactive. 

Full Colour, High Definition ECG Strips...

Real-Life Examples...

Course Lessons

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